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ello aspiring crypto tycoons, my names are Karmani Kings and today I will be taking us all by the hands and exposing us on all we need to know about Cryptocurrency. Also, I will be giving out a free eBook on the trading technique that i use to make profit on the Crypto market plus a free Bitcoin mining platform that i have used to mine 1.2figures worth of BITCOIN that is around $39,988.00usd so stick through to the end of the article. firstly i will start by giving us a detailed definition of :


In a nutshell, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records being maintained by a decentralized system using Cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend rather than by a centralized authority. lots of Cryptocurrencies all around the globe today are decentralized networks, that are based on blockchain technology that is a distributed ledger enforced by various network of computers. In other words, they are generally not issued by any central authority thereby rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or controls.


  • Cryptocurrency is coined from an encryption technique that is used to secure the network from internet spams and barriers.
  • Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is based on a network, which is distributed across a large number of computers. the decentralized nature allows them to exist outside the controls of government along side the central authorities.
  • Organizational methods for ensuring the safety and integrity of transactional data such as “BLOCKCHAIN” are essential components of all Cryptocurrencies .Over the years, Cryptocurrencies have been popularly known worldwide for their transparency, inflation resistance nature, and also divisibility.


However, the very first Cryptocurrency that was launched about twelve(12) years ago until today is BITCOIN. With so much popularity and value, it’s rated as the most expensive and most treasured Cryptocurrency in the coin market. Amazingly today there are thousands of alternate Cryptocurrencies across the coin market with various functions and specifications. Some of these coins are clones or branches of BITCOIN, while others are recent currencies that were built from scratch. BITCOIN gained recognition in the coin market in 2009 by a group known as the PSEUDONYM “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO”. Currently today, there is over 18.6 million bitcoins in circulation with a total market cap of over $927 billion. Some of the Cryptocurrencies competing as a result of bitcoin success known as “ALTCOINS” includes LITECOIN, NAMECOIN, ETHEREUM, EOS, CARDANO, and also PEERCOIN. However, today the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies in existence is around $1.5 trillion (Bitcoin currently holds more than 60% of the total value in the coin market today). For your notice, some cryptography that are used in cryptocurrency today was originally developed for the purpose of military applications. along the line, the government planed on controlling the Cryptography system which is similar to the legal restrictions on weapons, But the right for civilian's to access Cryptography was later secured on grounds of freedom of speech by the people.


As the system implies, Cryptocurrencies allow for secured payments online which are denominated in terms of “VIRTUAL TOKENS” that are represented ledger entries internal to the system. Also, “CRYPTO” refers to the various encryption algorithms and as well Cryptographic techniques that secures and safeguards these entries, such as public-private key pairs, elliptical curve encryption, and also the hashing functions. There are two types of Cryptocurrency wallets in which you can HOLD your Crypto coin these are:


Hardware wallets are devices that are specially designed to securely store private keys, which makes it safer than software wallets mainly because they don’t connect to the internet at any point. These qualities significantly reduces the spam attacks available to malicious parties on the internet. Meaning that hackers can’t tamper or access the device remotely. It can be purchased around $300.


As the name implies, software wallet can simply be referred to as a computer program device that is designed to secure your Cryptocurrency, while allowing only you to have complete access to it. They are available in three formats which are: desktop, mobile, and also online wallets. There are various types of software wallets that are available worldwide today and just a few i will recommend because i use them and also they are highly secured from internet hackers, which makes them reliable. They are:

Binance online wallet


Binance is a cryptocurrency online exchange wallet where users can trade(buy and sell) Cryptocurrencies. On the wallet platform, you are able to store your Crypto coins (ELETRONIC FUNDS) for as long as you wish. the exchange also has supporting programs that helps traders all around the globe make rich investment decisions. Binance also has it’s own blockchain-based token called BINANCE COIN (BNB) they have a software application for desktop, and smart phone users(Android and Iphone) Binance also offers the peer-peer (p2p) trading system where users can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies directly between one another without a third party or intermediary Binance is available for sign up Worldwide. for any one looking for a safe and secured software wallet to hold Crypto coins i would recommend you go for Binance CLICK HERE to register for BINANCE . I will give us a brief summary about what PEER-PEER (P2P) trading is about before we proceed.


As the name implies, p2p trading is simply the act of buying and selling Cryptocurrencies directly between users without a third party or intermediary involved. When Cryptocurrencies are been bought or sold traditionally(exchange) it prevents you from having a direct transaction with the counterparty, there by making you use charts and other market aggregators to predict or determine the optimal time to buy, sell and also hold Cryptocurrencies. Also, the exchange organizes the transactions on your behalf making the market price determine your final price at the time of transaction. It also gives you total control over who buys your Cryptocurrencies and as well who you buy from, along side the pricing and settlement time. It is important to know that peer-peer(p2p) transactions carry some risks, but that is when there is no third party to broker the deal so this is where Binance p2p becomes relevant for risk conscious individuals. with all been said, lets proceed!…. Next Cryptocurrency wallet on the list is:

Remitano online wallet pictorial description


Remitano is a Cryptocurrency online exchange wallet that started as a bitcoin peer-to-peer (P2P) market place where buyers and sellers can trade directly with each other through a safe system called “ESCROW” Today, remitano has developed more to include other services and the trade of more Cryptocurrencies. Also it is the exchange with the largest Bitcoin trade volume in Nigeria that allows it’s users to “HOLD” Cryptocurrencies for the purpose of Investment and also trading. Remitano is a product of an organization called “BABYLON SOLUTIONS LIMITED” the “ESCROW” trading system that is offered by Remitano gives both the buyers and sellers an added layer of security and fraud protection thereby making it different from the large majority of it’s competitors in the industry that boasts of 24/7 online security. Also, Remitano aims to develop a powerful and seamless trading platform that bridges the worlds of Crypto and Fiat by the provision of Peer-peer (p2p) to trade with fiat currencies and also swapping for Cryptocurrencies. In addition to all, Nigeria has been rated as Remitano’s biggest market with over $600,000 daily trade volume and as a result of this, Remitano Nigeria is the second most searched keyword on google with regards to the Remitano. They also have a mobile application for both desktop and smart phone users (Android, Iphone) . CLICK HERE to register for REMITANO.

Roqqu online wallet pictorial description


Roqqu is also a Cryptocurrency online exchange wallet that was founded by Uchenna Nnodum a Nigerian business tycoon(Entrepreneur). Within the first year of launching the Roqqu Cryptocurrency online wallet platform, a total sum of 30,000 users were signed up to the Roqqu platform and also a transaction of over $3 million has been carried out within same period. With it’ user friendly nature, the platform also has the peer-peer (p2p) feature with a well structured online security (Authentication)that helps “HOLD” your Cryptocurrency safely for Investment and Trading purpose. you can trade using USD, NGN, and also GBP. CLICK HERE to register for Roqqu.

Coinbase online wallet pictorial description


Coinbase is an American company that operates a Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Coinbase company was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Coinbase operates remote-first, and lacks an official physical headquarters. As of march 2021, Coinbase became the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the united states by it’s trading volume. In a nutshell, Coinbase is a Cryptocurrency wallet that you can use for trading (buying & selling) of Cryptocurrencies securely. Also, it’s users has the opportunity to earn Cryptocurrencies while they learn about them. CLICK HERE to sign up on COINBASE and get a $10 bonus when you buy Crypto worth $100.

The Cryptocurrency wallets i listed are the ones i personally use at the moment and i will recommend you try it out yourself.


cryptotab pro browser pictorial description

Alright guys i actually told us in the beginning of this article that i will be sharing this with us at the end of the article and here it is. The name of the Bitcoin mining site is no other but “CRYPTOTAB PRO BROWSER” I believe most of us must have heard of this browser before now but for those of us who are getting to know about it for the first time, CRYPTOTAB PRO BROWSER is an internet browser that has a built in mining function that allows you to mine bitcoin just by visiting your favorite sites, watching videos and also performing other activities online just by using the browser. There are other ways in which you can mine 10x faster than just the internet surfing option you can earn (passively) by using the “Affiliate” program method and also you can earn by using the Cloud booster method. The cloud booster method has different boosting plans of which only one(1) of them is free which is the 1X CLOUD BOOSTER with the free 1X booster you can be able to mine up to 200 Satoshi per day and the time giving to mine for all of the plans is just 3hours per day so this means when you enable the mining on your browser after completing a Captcha the mining process starts and after you have mined for 3hours it stops and then you can enable it over and over again for the whole day. the other plans i will be listing now are much more faster which means it enables you to mine at a higher Hash rate but unfortunately they are not for free there is a certain amount that is to be paid in other for you to use those feature and the most amazing part is that it gives you an opportunity to mine 10x faster which serves you right because in no time you will have good figures worth of Bitcoin. the plans are listed below X2CLOUD BOOST, X5CLOUD BOOST, X10CLOUD BOOST and the X15CLOUD BOOST, which is the highest and fastest. About the Affiliate program method, you can earn passively by referring users to also mine using the browser. The most amazing part about it is that you get to earn 15% of your referrals revenue and also by signing up through a referral link you will be giving a commission so it’s more like a win win ball game. Amazingly, the benefits to be gained from the Cryptotab pro browser are endless and for the fact that i personally am involved in this i would recommend you take hold of this opportunity that is still hanging around right now. CLICK HERE to signup for Cryptotab pro browser it is available for both Desktop and Smart phone(Android, Iphone) users. Currently, a little amount has been placed on the CRYPTOTAB PRO BROWSER on the google play store but not to worry, it’s super affordable the price is not up to a dollar so i think this is an opportunity to get the application before it increases in price more than it is now.


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